Meyerlustenberger Lachenal is one of the most reputable international business law firms in Switzerland. More than 84 experienced and dynamic lawyers form a strong team of specialists that stand for innovative and solution-focused services. With offices in Zurich, Geneva, Zug, Lausanne and Brussels we are present in the key Swiss economic centres and in the heart of Europe. Our Chinese and Latin America desks are a gateway to and from these regions.

Swiss and international clients as diverse as corporations, banks and families appreciate the accessibility and involvement of our partners in representing their interests. Our experience serving clients from across the sectors has given our lawyers a practical understanding of business and allows us to deliver legal advice that works in a commercial context.

Spanish/Latin-American and Chinese Desks

Our Spanish/Latin-American and Chinese Desks are specialized in serving Swiss clients doing business in these countries and assist them in organising, coordinating and supervising legal issues. These Desks also support local clients of these countries in all issues covered by our firm.

Your Contact for the Spanish & Latin-American Desk:

Patricia Guerra

Your Contact for the Chinese Desk:

John Liebeskind

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  • Geneva
  • Zug
  • Lausanne
  • Brussels